Join us on May 7th, 2011 in Boston, MA for the Boston SlutWalk! Starting at Government Centre, we will be walking through and ending at Boston Commons.

We will be affiliating ourselves with SlutWalk Toronto. Check out what they have been doing!

Why are you walking around Boston in minimal clothing and calling yourselves 'sluts'?
Slut-shaming is a huge part of being a young grrrl in today's society. As is rape culture. This is a walk to protest both slut-shaming and rape culture. It's a walk to take back the word SLUT in order to show that the nature of your being is not determined by how many sexual partners you have.

What is 'rape culture'?
The culture that makes it okay for women to be raped. For example, blaming the victim because she was either scantily clad or drunk. Being sexually promiscuous is also part of rape culture, because a woman can't be taken seriously in court if she confesses or is suspected to have more than one sexual partner.

Ex. A woman in Itally, in the winter of 1999 was raped but was told it was impossible by authorities because she was wearing jeans. So, really it's impossible to be raped while wearing jeans in Italy, apparently.

What is 'slut shaming'?
Slut-shaming is when an individual or a group of people put down a woman based on the number of sexual partners she has or had. Slut-shaming correlates with rape culture, because as was said before, a rape victim can be automatically dismissed if called a slut.

Alright, so why are you doing this?
To promote awareness that rape culture is an ongoing problem in our society and that slut shaming is NEVER okay in any form, whether it be verbal or physical.
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